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A Long Happy Marriage

You guys are all so wonderful. I have the best readers! I’m in the process of going through my blogs, but rest assured every single one of you who commented will be in my favorites folder. 🙂

So, here’s a little happy because you all make me so happy. Enjoy!

Happy Marriage

Follow Follow Follow Follow…

Yes, I’m singing the Wizard of Oz song. 🙂

I feel terrible I haven’t been posting regularly. I’ve done a ridiculous amount of traveling this past month and feel as if I haven’t slowed down once to concentrate on my writing and blogging, and especially with keeping up with all of your blogs!

Speaking of your blogs, I looked at all of the blogs I’m subscribed to on Google Reader and realized just how many I follow. Honestly guys, I try to get to all of them but sometimes it’s quite difficult.

My question to you: are you a follower and reader? If you are, comment below and I’ll be sure to stick you in my ‘favorites’ folder (this is the folder I always make sure to read and comment on).

Here are some things coming up in the next months that you just might want to stick around for. 😉

  1. Some awesome book give-aways
  2. An even awesomer blogfest with (as of right now) three great prizes to be won!
  3. And following me on my move to Nashville. Yay!

So, do you want to be in my favorites folder?? I know you do! (Make sure your name links to your blog or else stick it in your comment. 🙂