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My thought on queries: yuck. They make me all sorts of unhappy. It’s a good thing this is part of Deana’s blogfest – I need all the help I can get on this, guys! So have at it, hack away, give me the best advice¬† you can. ūüôā

Dear So-and-So,

Twins, Farrah and Felix, are born into an existence of servitude.  They are Bonded with the king’s sons for the sole purpose of protecting the boys; if they fail, they will be put to a painful death.

Farrah protects Alec, but all she desires is to not be chained to a man she can’t stand.  But the only way to escape her imprisonment is to end her life.  What makes matters worse, is that Farrah begins to fall for Alec and realizes she must make the most difficult choice of all: freedom or love, for she cannot have both.

Felix can’t deny his intense curiosity.  He willingly protects his Charge, Gabe, because it means he has free access to the secret tunnels of the House they live in.  As he searches further into the history of his world, he uncovers secrets that will put both his and Farrah’s lives in danger.

After death threats against Alec puts Farrah life on the line, and the other slaves in the House rise up in rebellion against their captivity, Farrah and Felix escape with Alec and Gabe to try to find answers to three questions: Who wants Alec dead?  Would Farrah and Felix keep Alec and Gabe safe if they weren’t Bonded to them?  And, if they return to their House, will they all be killed?

GUARDIANS is a finished at 72k.  It is a stand-alone YA-fantasy but has strong series potential.

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Juliana Brandt

(I’m not a fan of the questions at the end but can’t figure out how else to end it.)

Story Chain

For the¬†Gearin’ Up to Get an Agent¬†blogfest, week two is all about creation and the story chain.¬† If you’d like to read the post before mine, check out¬†Deana‘s blog.

Tony plopped a bag down in front of Dio and¬†she fell to her knees, digging through it, unable to wrap her mind around her parents death and…Europe?¬†Suddenly,¬†she hated Europe too.

Dio¬†chucked out an old bottle of shampoo out of the bag and her old stuffed weasel from when she¬†was little. Surely,¬†she wouldn’t need those.

“Come on, Dio. We need to leave.” Sandy waved and¬†Dio reluctantly dragged her bag toward the taxi.¬†Dio sat down and began to cry when her fingers touched dried boogers on the seat.

Life is so unfair.

To follow the story,¬†go to¬†Frost Lord’s¬†blog.

Get an Agent Blogfest

I’ve been looking forward to Deana’s¬†Get an Agent Blogfest¬†all month and now Week 1 is finally here!! Eep!

Everyone should go and sign up because it’s awesome.

So, here’s my question! Are you a character driven writer (or reader if you prefer) or are you plot driven?

If the plot is weak but the character is strong then I will absolutely keep reading. This applies to my writing, although hopefully this doesn’t mean I have weak plots, lol. I try to have fully developed characters who are flawed, as we are in real life, but also are able to overcome their weaknesses.

What kind of writer are you? Do you think there’s a happy medium we can reach between character and plot?

(Btw, I’ve been driving across country for the past couple days and completely forgot to post yesterday for Sentence Sunday. Sorry guys! I’ll catch up next week. ūüôā )