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Two Years Ago, Yesterday

Yesterday passed, uneventfully.

Last year, Dad send me flowers.

The year before that, I was in the hospital from a car accident.

Yesterday was any day. No one mentioned the accident, no one thought about it except for me, but I think of it every day so that wasn’t unique. I only realized it was November 30th when I was already an hour into my drive to work. I considered posting the short story I wrote with the vague memories I have, but it didn’t seem important.

Today, I realized that next year, even I may not think of it. That would be nice.

I hope you all had an uneventful yesterday. That it passed and you won’t ever think of it again, or if it was eventful, it was because you got ‘the call’ and you’ll celebrate it forever on.

Happy December 1st 🙂