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Alright, it’s time I stop procrastinating with posting my query.  Here it is, please feel free to critique in any way you would like.

Twelve year old Rupert lives with stern Aunt Miriam, while his parents sail around the world.  At school, he is tortured by Bobby the Bully and his pet rat, Scamper.  Rupert survives his aunt’s controlling ways and Bobby’s freaky gray rat by escaping into the imaginary worlds of books and his favorite sport, baseball.

A simple errand to his neighbor’s house reveals the very thing he hasn’t dreamed up is exactly what is true: make-believe creatures come to life in his next door neighbor’s house.  With the help of a new friend, Petra, Rupert uncovers the secrets of Mr. Applebee’s mysterious house.  The only problem is that Mr. Applebee refuses to let Rupert help, even when an evil pirate sneaks out of Imagination World with the goal of escaping the house.

Pi-Rat threatens to unleash all imaginary creatures into the real world.  Rupert knows if he can’t stop Pi-Rat the world will forever be changed.  In his quest, Rupert learns to trust friends, keep secrets, uncover the truth, and become the confident adventurer of which he had only previously dreamed.

RUPERT REGINALD ROBINSON THE NINTH & THE MYSTERIOUS HOUSE NEXT DOOR is complete at 23k words.  It is a short, middle-grade chapter book that could be expanded into a series, but does stand alone.

Thank you for your time and consideration.