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The lovely Rebecca Enzor is having her Pony Fest celebration again this year, so of course, I had to jump in!

The idea is to create a My Little Pony that represents your MS in some way, either using a character or going by theme. Last year, I made three pony’s based on the two books I was working on at the time (weird, but you actually have to visit my old blog to check them out 🙂 This year, since the MS I’m querying is Cadaver Dog, the same book I was working on last year, I was stumped on which character to make into a pony. Instead, I’m using the theme idea.

Here is my pony, Desert!

My MS takes place after a drought wipes out earth. It hasn’t truly rained in hundreds of years, so I think my desert pony is a wonderful portrayal of my MS 🙂 I mean, look at his flowing deserty hair and hooves the color of sunshine.

I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s ponies!

p.s. Desert wanted a cutie mark of desert dunes, but my technical computer skills are limited. Feel free to imagine one there yourselves 😉


Rebecca Enzor of Stickynote Stories is hosting a My Little Ponies contest and everyone should go check it out!

The contest is to make a pony based on one of your own characters and the prize is to have the pony actually made! Eee!

I got so into the contest I ended up making three ponies:

My Little Pony


Jacob is nice and tan because he lives in the desert. I’m in the middle of this WIP and don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you that Jacob’s job has a lot to do with death- check out that cutie mark. 😉

My Little Pony


Kira is Jacob’s leading lady. She too lives in the desert, but she burns easily and doesn’t have that nice tan skin that Jacob does. She has the North Star for a cutie mark because she knows the stars like the back of her hand and uses them to navigate during the night. She’s one mournful girl who needs a little happy in her life (cue Jacob).

My Little Pony


This beauty is Farrah, the main character of my fantasy YA. She lives in a mountain (hence the cutie mark and pale skin). She’s one tough cookie and takes her life and job very seriously (she’s a bodyguard for the prince).

So, which one do you guys like? Which one do you think I should use in the contest??

(p.s. I stole the poll idea from Beth Revis who has some amazing ponies up on her blog too, go check ’em out.)

Also, I just found out I won second place in Rachael Harrie’s flash fiction contest- the first part of her Campaigner Challenge. Y’all should have heard me squealing when I found out. I’m ridiculously proud of that piece. She’s now my favorite and all my other WIPs are jealous. 😀