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E is for Easter Eggs!

One of my family’s traditions is to make pysanka or Ukrainian Easter Eggs.¬†Pysanka are made using wax and dyes to make beautiful designs.


I made mine this past weekend and took pictures along the way. It’s a fun and easy project, though it takes a bit to get used to ‘drawing’ on the egg with wax. I’ve loved making these since I was a kid. For those of you with youngsters around, I highly suggest picking up this tradition as it has always made Easter extra special for me.

First, you need certain materials. I got a small pack off Amazon for $10. It had one kistka (wooden tool used to ‘write’ with), one chunk of beeswax, six dyes and a set of patterns.









Wherever you ‘write’ with the beeswax on the egg is where the color will stay. After you are finished ‘writing,’ place the egg in whatever dye color you’d like (keeping in mind that you must start with the lighter colors). Wait a few minutes and Ta-da! Your egg is died!

Keep going with the process. Writing where you want the dye to stay and dying the rest of the egg.

Finished product! The only thing left to do is take off the wax.

Actually, finished product! I’m really awful at taking the wax off and usually peel it off with my fingernails (bad, bad). If you do these, I suggest looking up online how to really¬†take off the wax.